Welcome!  We are glad you have come to visit Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC®.

Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC’s slogan is this:  Some pursuits are worth your while.®  For example, some of the things we believe are worth your (and/or your children’s) while are:

  • Spending time together.
  • Telling your kids you love them.
  • Being creative.
  • Building relationships and making memories.
  • As appropriate, getting your children off their devices and giving them a fun or creative alternative outlet.

You get the opportunity to do all of these things with our signature product, Find Me Funzy the Fox®.  Check out our 73-second video below for details.  

And now you get the opportunity to do all of those things with our 2nd family game, Love You Lickey the Labrador™.  We have a video for that one below too :).

Worthwhile Pursuits is not just selling products.  We are also casting a vision for families, our communities, our nation and our world to do things that are worth your while.

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