Welcome!  We are glad you have come to visit Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC.

Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC’s tagline is this:  Some pursuits are worth your while.  We hope that you will find that purchasing Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC’s products is worth your while . . . relationally, time-wise, entertainment-wise, and financially, to name a few.

For example, some of the things we believe are worth your (and/or your children’s) while are:

  • Spending time together.
  • Telling your kids you love them.
  • Being creative.
  • Building relationships and making memories.
  • As appropriate, getting your children off their devices and giving them a fun or creative alternative outlet.

You might agree.

If you think a Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC product would help you build your relationship with your little loved one(s), would give them a unique and creative outlet that would benefit them, would be fun, or would make a good gift for someone, and you think that it would be financially wise to buy one or more, then we would like to say, “Thank you for your business, and may it bless you and your loved one(s).”