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Introduction of Company and Product:  Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC’s slogan is “Some pursuits are worth your while.”®  Part of the vision of Worthwhile Pursuits is that spending quality time with your children or grandchildren is a pursuit that is worth your while, getting kids off their devices (as appropriate) and giving them something creative to do with the family is worth your while, and telling kids that you love them is worth your while . . . and you get to do all three of these things in the Love You Lickey the Labrador family game.

Product Details:  Love You Lickey the Labrador® comes with a cute, soft and cuddly stuffed Labrador with endearing big eyes, and a children’s book.  It’s an interactive, unique and fun family tickle game that parents, grandparents, and other loved ones can play with their little one(s).

HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED:  With Lickey in hand, the book is meant to be read to the child.  Children discover that Lickey likes to lick, Lickey likes to lick people, Lickey really likes to lick kids, and Lickey really, really likes to lick kids whom Lickey loves. As the pages are turned, loved ones read, “Lickey loves YOU.  Lickey loves you a lot.  So Lickey is going to lick you a lot because Lickey loves you . . . [turning the page] A lot!”  This starts the tickle game!  Each turning of the page is a tickle event.  “Lickey will lick you . . . [turning the page] ON YOUR TUMMY!” [“Lickey will lick you . . . [turning the page] ON YOUR NOSE! . . . ON YOUR BACK! . . . ON YOUR TOES!”].  Eight body parts get tickled as parents, grandparents and other loved ones play the game with their little one(s).  Laughs, memories, anticipation and fun . . . all in one great game!

Consistent with Worthwhile Pursuits’ company vision, on the last three pages of the book, you read these words to your little one:  “Lickey licked you a lot because Lickey loves you a lot, but I love you even more . . . [then turning to the last page] A lot more.”  It is our vision that every child in America hears those words from a loved one.

MORE BENEFITS OF THE GAME:  In the tickle game, families can spend quality time together, have some laughs, make memories, have fun, etc.  In addition, for some very young children, the game provides the opportunity for cognitive development and educational value resulting from the parts of the body being tickled.  The children’s book is great for early readers.  Even older siblings can play the tickle game with their younger siblings.  If your little one(s) likes being tickled, no matter their ages, they might love the Love You Lickey the Labrador family tickle game.

As an added bonus, kids can sleep with Lickey year round if they want.  With his winsome smile and endearing eyes, Lickey might become “their lovey” . . . their go-to lovey of choice with which to sleep and carry around . . . or maybe they have to share that spot with Funzy the Fox.  🙂

It’s a “3-in-1” product . . . a book, a plush stuffed Labrador and a family game.

Materials and DesignWorthwhile Pursuits designed the game with quality materials on Lickey the Labrador (Lickey is soft and cuddly), book (thick backboard and thick pages), and box (sturdy, not flimsy, with attractive colors and graphics).

Dimensions:  The box dimensions are 9″ high, 8″ wide, 6″ deep.   Lickey is about 10.5″ full length, and about 7.5″ sitting.  The book has a portrait design and is approximately 8 3/4″ x 6 1/4″.

Shipping:  Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC charges a flat rate shipping fee of $5.00 per shipment.

Please call or text us at 478-719-0954, email us at, or message us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Love You Lickey the Labrador® is a unique and interactive stuffed animal tickle game.
  • Includes a cute plush stuffed Labrador (Lickey) and a children’s book.
  • Lickey is soft and cuddly and can be snuggled and slept with, and the book is sturdy with thick pages and great illustrations.
  • Fun!  A parent or other loved one tickles their child with licks from Lickey all over the child’s body!
  • Provides an opportunity to get kids off of their devices, and kids can experience a unique, creative, interactive time with a family member or other loved ones.
  • A fun, unique way to interact with your little ones!
  • The end of the tickle game allows loved ones to express love to their little one(s).
  • Age:  Fun for any child who likes to be tickled!
  • 3-in-1 . . . a children’s book, a stuffed plush animal, and a game!
  • Tested for safety by an independent laboratory in compliance with safety standards required by federal law.
  • Creative, unique, screen-free family fun!
  • Great family game to play while at home during social distancing and coronavirus isolation.
  • Part of the Find Me Funzy Collection™ by Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC®.

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Weight 22.9 oz
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 6 in

2 reviews for Love You Lickey the Labrador®

  1. Dina Lanier

    I purchased the Lickey the Labrador set for my 2 year old grandson and couldn’t be more pleased! It has a beautiful message of love and the tickle game that is presented within the text is such a fun way to spend time with your little one. As a retired reading specialist for beginning readers, I was impressed with the simple text structure that will allow young readers to read along or independently. Another plus to the game is the fun way toddlers can learn and name parts of the body. The accompanying plush is not only very cute, but super soft!! My grandson loves both the game and the plush!!!

  2. Andrea Beane

    My kiddos love these stuffies that are just the right size! We have Funzy Fox and Lickey Lab!

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