Find Me Funzy the Fox®


Introduction of Company and Product:  Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC’s slogan is “Some pursuits are worth your while.”  Part of the vision of Worthwhile Pursuits is that spending quality time with your children or grandchildren is a pursuit that is worth your while, getting kids off their devices (as appropriate) and giving them something creative to do with the family is worth your while, and telling kids that you love them is worth your while . . . and you get to do all three of these things in the Find Me Funzy the Fox® game.

Product Details:  Find Me Funzy the Fox® comes with a cute, soft and cuddly stuffed fox with endearing big eyes, and a children’s book.  It’s a 7-event hide & seek family game that parents, grandparents, and other loved ones can play with their little one(s).

The book is told from the dad’s perspective.  In the first few pages he is presenting Funzy the Fox to his kids, and he says, “This is Funzy, a fox as you can see, and I invite you to play a game with me.”  Then Dad goes on for the rest of the book to explain how the game is played and how the kids have to get up each morning for 7 mornings and find Funzy where mom/dad/grand mommy/etc. have hidden him.

Dad says, “You’ll have to find Funzy each day anew, but I won’t leave you helpless, I’ll give you some clues.”  So, we make the game short (only 7 events), and manageable (because we indirectly tell the parents and grandparents where to hide Funzy).

For example, Dad says, “I’ll hide Funzy behind a door for your first day.  On day 2 look for Funzy around something you play.”  Other hiding events include: (1) A day where the child bounces around to various light switches in the house until he or she sees Funzy, (2) A unique and creative 2-step scavenger hunt search where the loved ones draw a picture of the child(ren) and put a clue on the back as to Funzy’s whereabouts (the children begin that event looking for the picture, not Funzy), and (3) “On Day 7 find something odd, unusual, or just not right, and Funzy will be close by but hidden from your sight.”

Consistent with Worthwhile Pursuits’ company vision, on the last three pages, Dad says, “After your seventh search, our game is through, but one thing that will never end [then turning to the last page] is my love for you.”  It is our vision that every child in America hears those words from a loved one.

Although the game is designed to be played over seven (7) days, as a practical matter all of the hiding events can be played back-to-back in one occasion if the loved ones so choose.  The hiding events are general enough that they can be played over and over and still be unique or different and fun for the family.

Through the game, families can spend quality time together, have some laughs, make some memories, have fun, etc.  In addition, the game provides the opportunity for cognitive development and educational value resulting from the hiding events.

As an added bonus, kids can sleep with Funzy year round if they want.  With his winsome smile and endearing eyes, Funzy might become “their lovey” . . . their go-to lovey of choice with which to sleep and carry around . . . or maybe they have to share that spot with Lickey the Labrador.  🙂

It’s a “3-in-1” product . . . a book, a stuffed animal and a family game.

Materials and DesignWorthwhile Pursuits designed the game with quality materials on the fox (Funzy is soft and cuddly), book (thick backboard and thick pages), and box (sturdy, not flimsy, with attractive colors and graphics).

Dimensions:  The box dimensions are 9″ high, 8″ wide, 6″ deep.   Funzy is about 10″ full length, and about 7″ sitting.  The book has a portrait design and is approximately 8 1/2″ x 6″.

Shipping:  Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC charges a flat rate shipping fee of $7.50 per shipment, regardless of quantity purchased.

Please call or text us at 478-719-0954, email us at, or message us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any questions or concerns.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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