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Find Me Funzy the Fox® is a 7-day interactive and unique hide and seek game that can be played between children and their parents or other loved ones.  For seven days, guided by clues in the children’s book (included), dads, moms, or other loved ones hide Funzy (a cute stuffed fox), and children seek to find Funzy.  The book guides parents and loved ones on what to do each of the seven days, yet that guidance is general enough that Find Me Funzy the Fox® can be played over and over again.  From hiding Funzy behind a door to dressing Funzy up in clothes to having a 2-step scavenger hunt (all guided by the book), it’s a great way to have fun while building relationships and making memories!  See the description below for more information on Find Me Funzy the Fox®.

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  • A unique 7-event hide and seek game, comes with a cute stuffed fox (Funzy) and children’s book. We went with quality materials on the fox (he’s soft and cuddly), book (thick backboard and thick pages), and box (sturdy, not flimsy).  We desired that it be a quality product.  The box dimensions are 9″ high, 8″ wide, 6″ deep.  Funzy is about 10″ full length, and about 7″ sitting. 
  • The book is told from the dad’s perspective.  In the first few pages he is presenting the fox to the kids, and he says, “This is Funzy, a fox as you can see, and I invite you to play a game with me.”  Then he goes on for the rest of the book to explain how the game is played and how the kids have to get up each morning for 7 mornings and go and find Funzy where mom/dad/grandmommy/etc. have hidden him.  
  • Short & Manageable . . . Only 7 hiding events (they can be played over 7 days/mornings, or back-to-back all at one time), and the book guides loved ones on where to hide Funzy and/or what to do for each event. It can be played over and over again, but you get to choose whether, when and how often!  We make the game SHORT (7 days, so parents and grandparents are not overwhelmed), and we make the game MANAGEABLE . . . we indirectly tell the parents and grandparents where to hide the fox.  For example, Dad says, “I’ll hide Funzy behind a door for your first day.  On day 2 look for Funzy around something you play.”  There’s a day where they dress Funzy up in clothes, there’s a day that is like a 2-step scavenger hunt search, and there are other unique hiding events in the game. 
  • Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC’s slogan is “Some pursuits are worth your while.”  Part of the vision of Worthwhile Pursuits is that spending quality time with your children or grandchildren is a pursuit that is worth your while, getting kids off their devices (as appropriate) and giving them something creative to do with the family is worth your while, and telling kids that you love them is worth your while . . . and you get to do all three of those things in the Find Me Funzy the Fox® game.  By way of example on that last point, on the last three pages, the dad says, “After your seventh search, our game is through, but one thing that will never end [then turning to the last page] is my love for you.”  
  • Recommended for kids ages 10 and under, but perhaps most appropriate for ages 2-7.  However, Find Me Funzy the Fox® can be fun for a child of any age who likes unique and creative games!
  • Part of the Find Me Funzy Collection™ by Worthwhile Pursuits, LLC®
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9 reviews for Find Me Funzy the Fox®

  1. Jana Abbott

    Love, love, love Funzy!! Sweet book, great idea, fantastic animal!

  2. Shirley Kitchings

    Funzy is adorable! Love the book and the hide and seek game!

  3. Leigh Scott

    Funzy the Fox is soooo adorable! He’s colorful, soft, plush, and full of personality! This will be a splash at baby showers for sure!

    Children will put down their handheld devices to spend quality time with parents and loved ones…what a concept!!

  4. Elizabeth Hilliard

    Love this idea for families to do together! Can’t wait to share it with our kids!

  5. Misty Kitchens

    Cutest stuffed fox ever! So soft! The kids love this! What an awesome product!

  6. Amanda Williams (verified owner)

    Simple, precious, meaningful! Absolutely love it!

  7. Sarah Hobbs

    My son absolutely loves Funzy and we have had a great time playing hide and seek with him!

  8. Myra Scott

    My family got my little cousin a Funzy the Fox for Christmas. She loves it!!

  9. Carson Scott

    My little cousin loves her Funzy the Fox! This item is a must have!

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